dB Technologies Opera 212 Lyric
dB Technologies Opera 212 Lyric

Opera 212 Lyric, Portable PA Speaker Cabinet from dB Technologies in the Opera Lyric series.

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chuppazzz 12/15/2004

dB Technologies Opera 212 Lyric : chuppazzz's user review


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Users of this place for 2 / 3 years now, no problem particular to the contrary. Strong, not too heavy, good stuff priori. For a rock band, singing 2 + 2 guitars + bass + drums, it passes in and rang. So happy? NOT AT ALL! Above all this stuff that goes down because that is the end of beans! Can not make this stuff in rpar dlais acceptable. Imagine that was 6 months I try to do a transformer rpar grill by a power surge! 6 MONTHS TO 1 TRANSFORMER !!!!!!!!!! DLIR! I am calling the box to Italy to know who to contact in France so it is the M ----! Tip: go your way, you save time and money! Check out the view of DFO here: https://fr.audiofanzine.com/produits/avis/index, ProductID, 42298.html

Too bad we privilgions that the European brands, it is Reduces counselor or go to EV Mackie!