moosers 12/10/2010

Samson Technologies RS12 HD : moosers's user review


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The Samson Audio RS12 HD's are passive PA speakers designed for a variety of purposes. The setting which I've used these speakers has been in a practice space with a band. Along with the Samson Audio XM410 mixer, some good friends of mine in a band have these set up in their practice space and they're really some good sounding speakers. It terms of pure sound quality it probably matters most which PA amplifier you're using, but the speakers can make a huge difference as well. It's good to have compatibility within your amplifier and speakers as I did when using these, but not necessary at all if you don't have a matching amplifier. These speakers have a 500 watt peak and boast a 12 inch sub woofer to go along with a 1 inch tweeter and 1.5 inch compression driver. They also have both 1/4" and Speakon connections in one. The speakers are pretty large, but certainly portable if you're looking for something to bring around to play shows with. However, since they are pretty big, they are definitely best suited to stay in one place most of the time. The price of these speakers is quite a bargain, as a larger company like Samson Audio is able to afford making PA gear at this great price. I believe that they are sold as individual speakers if this makes a difference to you. While it's not the best one that money can buy, it's quite good for the price and is perfect for bands who are looking for a PA for their practice space and would even work well in a smaller venue for live music. Either way, if you're looking for some modest PA speakers at a reasonable price, the Samson Audio RS12 HD's are definitely a set of speakers you need to know about.