Yamaha Stagepas 500
Yamaha Stagepas 500
Virtual Decadence 01/26/2012

Yamaha Stagepas 500 : Virtual Decadence's user review

«  Quite nice but be careful ... »

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When I bought this pack sound, ultra-convenient to carry, I did the music festival with outdoor. And she kept mute (no no, there was not behind Philippe Katherine). I returned to the Service has done tests and found nothing abnormal. In fact, since I am careful not to have it in the red all the time. According to the guy cutting the SAV is a security.

And so I use it only in situations of small bar room type means, pubs, room less than 100 people. And that's fine. In general, I spend 3 or 4 microphones in voice, electronic drums and bass DI. All for the large rock that task. OK it lacks a subwoofer for bass but enough to have a sound neither too strong nor too rotten.
I Deputy small returns amplified via auxiliary outputs.

It happened to me on stage with a sound system pre-installed (some bar / Paris pun) not to use it as a return and it's not bad at all.
Finally I am also serves as a sound repetition in my home studio.

In conclusion: no magic, the 2X250W are there. You just pay attention to the levels (and the built-in limiter is my friend). The reverb is a little gadget but in the context of use, it makes the voice service. It's not a pro with that but there's a good amateur and the public does not complain.