Samson Technologies XM410

XM410, Powered Mixer from Samson Technologies in the XM series.

moosers 12/08/2010

Samson Technologies XM410 : moosers's user review


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The Samson Audio XM410 is a six channel powered mixer for use with a public address system. The six channels on here each have their own XLR and 1/4" inputs, as well as equalization and aux control. It also has 1/4" jacks for an effects loop, auxiliary input, and both main and monitor outputs. The XM410 also has stereo RCA connections for tape inputs, mostly for plugging in a CD player or something of the like. There is then build in effects as well as an on board 7 band equalizer. The effects are 24 bit and there are 100 preset sounds to choose from, including effects like reverbs, chorus, and flanger. They're no longer making the Samson XM410, but it hasn't been too long since they stopped making them so you should be able to find them new and if not, certainly used. Good friends of mine who are in a band use this mixer in their practice space and it definitely sounds good. I don't think that they bring it out to live shows, but for use in their space it has a nice full sound and offers up all the options you'd need for a practice PA. They've got it set up with a set of Samson RS12HD speakers, which make for a very nice PA system combination. I've only heard some of the reverb effects on here, but any effects at all is nice to have so I really consider the effects an extra bonus. This wasn't a very expensive PA system new, so if you getting a used one it should be even less, making it the perfect practice PA amp for bands on a budget. Again, I don't know about using this for a venue, but it would probably do just fine although I can't speak from experience here. I will say that this is a great PA for practicing if you're looking to put together your own PA.