Behringer Eurolive B215D
Behringer Eurolive B215D

Eurolive B215D, Powered PA Speaker Cabinet from Behringer in the Eurolive series.

BeyondR 01/09/2013

Behringer Eurolive B215D : BeyondR's user review


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Behringer B215D are some high quality speakers that are used by many advanced musicians in the world.
These speakers combine the great look with a high quality concerning the timbre , frequency response , a very clean and pro sound and also a powerful punchy feel.

They have a punchy feel that is very enjoyable , without any distortion or any kinda of bad side effects to the listener.
What I like most about these speakers is the power provided by them , that punchy feel , the integrated eq , a very low noise and of course the design.

What I have found quite surprising about this product, is the weight, even if they provide a powerful performance that usually makes thing extremely heavy , or very complex with all those pre-amps , filters , eq and other stuff , these speakers are quite well designed so that they do not weight a lot.

I must mention the low frequency response that is very good , it's pro , it sounds great , it doesn't tremble to much , it's very accurate and precise.
I like the 550-Watt 2-way PA that this product has , I also like how the design is very compact and light so it doesn't weight a lot , the internal switch-mode power supply for noise-free audio makes a huge difference as well as the ltra-wide dispersion , the trapezoidal enclosure design allows a different posture and get that sound to fill the room.
My opinion about the value for the price is great, this product indeed is quite remarkable , it costs around 350 $ , however its worth the money.

Precision and quality is pro, I haven't found nothing to complain , 10/10.
Knowing what I know , I would buy these great piece of hardware which help the mastering / mixing design a lot.