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Bose S1 Pro
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fredelix fredelix

« Tiny, yet mighty – and very good-sounding too! »

Publié le 03/27/18 à 09:50
Value For Money : Excellent
Audience: Advanced Users
I know the Bose range and their sound quality which is surprising considering their size. And here, this is exactly at the heart of the matter – a small, extremely compact powered speaker which offers an astounding sound projection. As usual, its power remains undisclosed but 103 dB is far from little.
I first tried it in a shop. For a total 6.5 kg (roughly 14 lbs), it’s very easy to transport with its handle, softcase and power supply.
Two instrument or mic inputs plus a line or Bluetooth (very easy to pair). The sound is very good with an electroacoustic guitar. It’s important to carefully set the incoming levels and the signal can then be modified using the treble and bass settings. Caution, frequency correction is VERY efficient and you can get either a very good or very bad sound depending on your input level. The Tonematch mini-EQ is to be selected on both inputs for an instrument, a voice or the neutral mode. The room reverb can be useful, but is to be used with care to add a certain depth (which can quickly go up to gymnasium-deep) to the sound

An integrated gyro allows, depending on its position, to cut or boost the low frequencies. Frankly, I tried all three settings and failed to notice a real change in sound.
Composed of a 6.5” speaker and two twitters in front of it, like a small-sized line array, and slightly angled so as to disperse the sound following Bose’s usual process (as I saw through the grid!).
How I’ve used it:
- solo use with an acoustic guitar and voice, all in live use: good result, clear and powerful
- as a cab for a Yamaha THR10 amp: the line in is too powerful, it’s preferable to use the instrument input (which input level can be set), but the result is very interesting! The Yamaha sounds more punchy and powerful, and most important it gains lows! All this in spite of a slight his which source remains to be identified.
- as a complement to my Bose L1 B2: well, I haven’t tried it yet…

In the end, I’ve tried it in a bar with a female singer and myself, an acoustic guitar two other small Yam amps and a cajon: with so little gear used, the level and power were very good, as well as the sound clarity.
I’m happy of how compact it is, of the sound quality-for-power ratio (be cautious when using the EQ to get a good lows/mids ratio). In the same product range, I’ve used products by the Box, accute Audiophony, Prodipe...
As to the price, some will say it costs two Mackie or Yamaha 10” power speakers: as usual, choosing one solution means renouncing to another, and I love this small Bose.