DS-115A, Powered PA Speaker Cabinet from DAS in the DS series.

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LeSpleen 08/31/2010

DAS DS-115A : LeSpleen's user review


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I use this system for 2 years now, I had the opportunity to test a lot of other systems (HK, Yorkville, Mackie, EV, etc. ..).

I followed the advice of a fellow sound engineer who has received a promotion Senheiser like "gun" on this together and frankly what joy to find a system with a hyper-performance unbeatable value for money.

I was very skeptical at first, looking at the technical quality of its heads (DS115A) because they are molded in ABS and finally after listening nothing wrong, instead they are super beefy after 2 years of use no trace of wear on the heads, I can not say much on the quality of the wood used by HK for these speakers (to reduce weight, it is sacrificed wood density, so the first little shock on a scratch speakers is annoying ...).

With regard to the sound is very simple when I test I find all DAS excellent reproduction of the range of sounds.
Another interesting aspect of the DS115A are equipped with a compression driver 1.5 "for the treble, so the sudden we end up with a system of medium-range at this price is simply amazing.

This entire system is amplified thereby enhancing the practical side, that no fan of passive cooling, so ease of maintenance as well (no fan to change every 2 years under sentence of grilling amplification).

To be really sharp and find fault I would say that:
Mediums top returning a bit strong in high speed (can be corrected in the equalize the table though)
An additional volume would be nice to run was the speaker in autonomous mode (only one volume knob to manage Micro and Line IN) and may be a 2-band equalize.
A protective foam in addition to the grid would have been welcome.
I recently purchased another copy of this kit to be honest, I wanted to go on the Nexo PS15 to have another more powerful system but it finally came out squarely within my budget, so I bought the same set and when I ' I need a big sound, I link everything.

I rotated a kit with 2 sub Das 18A on live performances with stress on the audio quality quite severe and I never had to worry.