FBT Jolly 12r a
FBT Jolly 12r a

Jolly 12r a, Powered PA Speaker Cabinet from FBT in the Jolly series.

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alpiso 02/15/2008

FBT Jolly 12r a : alpiso's user review


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Used for 4 years, it's always a treat!

If there is a point to remember is that the bandwidth is excellent bass and treble out very well. Well balanced, no drop in performance, power or quality telll particular frequency!
The practicality: the entrance to the enclosure for connecting the XLR or jack (the same connector). It includes the interuptor mass (ground lift) and an XLR output for the "development chain".
The flaw: instead of the volume knob, I will have put a cursor, as when traveling, it can catch or get snagged.

Purchased at the base as PA speaker, she also serves to connect live my bass: the rendering is amazing as well (if not better) than the low amps on which I connected. Compared with color "ba" which have two knobs equalizers (low / high): This "lack" of adjustment is not felt on this point!
I had the opportunity to listen and try several brands, but when I heard the FBT (the Jolly 8BA): I was hooked!

While it may seem high, the quality / price (for me) largely justified, both for the quality / sound power for the strength of the material (with a weight "pen").

It is without hesitation that I will take the FBT, as the sound is clear, breathless and very well made and balanced.