FBT ProMaxX 14a
FBT ProMaxX 14a
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lofty38 08/10/2011

FBT ProMaxX 14a : lofty38's user review

«  LIGHT powerful with very good sound »

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I just buy them for 2 weeks.
I find impressive: light and powerful.
I speak in a vacuum, I am a connoisseur of anceintes amplified for 10 years. I tried everything above and rcf qsc k12. all I can tell you and assure you is that I just put side by side and a qsc k12 PROMAXX 14a. volume means they are equal in quality, but it pushes the qsc saturates and loses sound quality while fbt continues to ring loud and clear without sulfur. the bass are present and deeply, the upper clean and aggressive. in addition it is the lightest of the category and icing on the cake is 135.5 db SPL 127dB continuous, and while the series of four in rcf is 127dB 131dB spl and qsc k12 in spl.
rcf frankly compared to series 4 and qsc k12 are a reference on the market it is well above it in the same performance and sound quality at equal volume.
Another thing: the components inside of it b $ c speaker so it's very serious and very reliable (Italian, is found in the nexo and Montarbo ...) or not as there is a qsc hp Celestone Chinese or fbt prx Series 6 or there is also an amp made in china.
Brief is beautiful, light, powerful and not too expensive.
I give a rating of 9 / 10 because I know there's not a perfect product if it is 10/10.