Mackie C300z
Mackie C300z

C300z, Powered PA Speaker Cabinet from Mackie in the C series.

Djonathan8 01/20/2011

Mackie C300z : Djonathan8's user review

«  Remarkable sound quality »

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For how long have you been using it?
I use them for a very short time, less than a month.
What thing do you like most/least about it?
So when I received this product from me, the first impression I got is: Oh that's heavy!
In fact the package (also containing the package) was announced at around 22kg unity! almost 45 kilos both speakers ...

The weight does not bother me more than that, but for a model ABS I hoped for a reduction in weight compared to a wooden model, but good times!

Just then the moment of the hip, and, big surprise, Mackie tells us, the back of his pregnant, an angle of horizontal and vertical sound dispersion rather impressive ... It is true that the sound (compared to my home Peavey Pro 12) repents better in my room, but hey, my piece is small, it is difficult to really make a notice

Then I turn on my turntable (DNS-3500), the mixer (DNX-120) and amp (QSC GX), and the real shock! The sound is extremely accurate, and although it is not broken in, its already low returns.

The acute are not aggressive, the speaker seems to me really well balanced after ten hours of use.
Did you try many other models before getting this one?
Peavey Pro 12 I had nothing to do! I was very happy with my little peavey, but the sound of the Mackie is really incomparable.
I listen to the speakers, RCF, Nexo, JBL, more powerful than my Mackies, and I found the sound pretty close rendering C300Z RCF.
What is your opinion about the value for the price?
Really good for 500 € the pair in my opinion there's nothing equivalent.
Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice?
Without any hesitation, now I'll see over time if it is reliable.