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Powered PA Speaker Cabinet from QSC belonging to the KW series

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« An upgrade from the KW152 »

Published on 12/06/12 at 21:17
The QSC KW 153 was a bigger sized speaker than I was expecting. It is over 40 inches tall and 18 inches wide. The weight of it is not bad, but with it being so tall it gave some issues with getting it in and out of the van when we had it for a few shows. There are 1 XLR input/line in and 2 RCA ins. There are also 2 XLR outputs on the KW153. You can mount it to a pole if you choose to but we did not.
The QSC KW153 is a powered subwoofer that gives you a 15” driver with a 500 watt D Class amplifier in it. QSC monitors and woofers can get a little expensive sometimes, this speaker will cost you 1300 dollars brand new. But if you look around you may be able to get an opened boxed on for a little cheaper but it won’t be much of a difference.
The sound that comes out of the KW153 is very big, it can fill up and room with no problem and play over the crowd noise easily. The sound is very clear can concise making it a great decision to purchase a few of these if you can afford it. It is also very rugged, it sits in solid enclosures and bumping it into walls or where every it hits will not hurt or damage it, it probably won’t even scratch it.
I choose this over the QSC KW152 (the previous model) because I feel like the sound is a little cleaner. The KW152 is only about a hundred dollars cheaper so if you are going to spend that money you mine as well spend a litter more and get the upgrade. If you need a good speaker and cannot afford this one you should also check out the QSC K12 or K10 models. They don’t have as many watts but still will work and sound great.