ART 710-A MK II, Powered PA Speaker Cabinet from RCF in the ART 7 series.

alixalix 01/07/2014

RCF ART 710-A MK II : alixalix's user review

«  very good speaker »

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I just received this rcf art 710 mk2 and I am more than impressed.
I was looking for something very powerful in order to distribute samples and back track and play batterrie above, with the usual n ever enough volume to cover the battery, I was afraid of the weakness of 700 watts rms announced, which are of general statistical gonflé.Mais wonder, the sound is very very powerful, I have margin, bright and clear, and the bass is surprisingly good present for a 10 'and even at full volume , the sound is accurate or saturation, or drooling.

J have long struggled to combine budget / decibel / sound quality power, this speaker is ideal, moreover, to give concerts, she is small, slight, perfect for this setup. At present until I trimballais two huge speakers, two amp etc. The rcf replaces aloud ca hand for use in fait.J that I imagine that for a classic sound system, a pair of these and a sub in rcf Moreover, it simply must be perfect, and adequate background music for small rooms.
This speaker is just bluffing, purchased new online for 388 euros, I can only recommend it highly, quality extrememnt surprising for such a small budget