ART 725-A, Powered PA Speaker Cabinet from RCF in the ART 7 series.

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bicton 10/30/2013

RCF ART 725-A : bicton's user review

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I have since 4 years. I tried different systems, such as mackie srm 450, rcf 315a, 312a rcf, rcf art500a the best speakers for my taste but the 38kg beast yorkville nx750 great product but quite bulky and heavy bad grip handle ... zeck ...
What I like most is the weight, the sound quality and the fishing is very honorable. What disappointed me completely is the quality of the components is no longer appointment. I worked four years with the mackie srm 450 made in china, with one box and never breaks, the rcf art 500a without cabinet work I've done in rooms with 300 to 400 people never have problems. I went to the rcf 725a especially for weight, well it's clear they are not more powerful than rcf art 500a see little else.
on the other hand after 2 1/2 years a failure I did Spent guarantee the amp has been changed, and 5 days after the end of the guarantee of three years is around the second (the balls they did not want to take as collateral). Before all I have always appreciated the rcf speakers by the quality of sound is very good, I practically all them, however I think the Series 7 is more fragile, you will tell me that I do not know how to use my gear, disabuse you, I'm very careful, I pamper protective case requires, I lower the volume of my speakers in the late evening I wait 10 minutes or more to turn off the speakers ... and my rcf 725a are dropped down for a drink. I thought at first that it was the fault of a coincidence, but in my circle three DJs 715a and 725a and they also had a breakdown. The trouble is that his amp was not cutting it fix what is disposable. here I give my opinion I do not know if the other person is faced with problems of failures 725a or 7 series. So now in my evenings I am very worried despite two amps changed I do not dare to grow. I work with a rcf 4pro 8003as.