Sassoun 06/02/2011

Samson Technologies Auro D15 : Sassoun's user review

«  Very good advise »

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I've had two months I've tried no model before buying it, although I've heard a lot about some speakers at concerts and similar others.

He is bi-amplified and developed 200W for the woofer and 50W for the tweeter.

I have not yet had occasion to use it at full volume, only to amplify an electronic drum kit in a repeated and at a concert. (Needless to say we do not ride this thing for three quarters of its power anytime ^ ^)

What I can tell, for the tests that I made is that the sound, although it is slightly widened, is very pleasant, not harsh treble and bass do not air intrusive. There are two knobs EQ plus volume, rear, and doing the test to treble to the max, it was just ... more treble! Nothing that we come horribly screwed ears, and I am very sensitive to it, am really very happy.

I used my home to amplify my bass out of my pedal effect, the sound is very correct, although the E string drools a little, but a priori it does not interfere more than that. One can find fault with him against the blows it generates when it is turned on regardless of the position of the adjustment knobs, it's pretty annoying when you want to use low volume, but it does There are not many fools to use as study amp (or speaker of computer, I could not resist, haha), anyway, the breath does not get along at all under normal conditions.

I conclude this review by saying that for those who have not masses of gold coins to put in a pair of front speakers like to use it occasionally, AURO D415 are perfect. For little feet and buy two good XLR cables, we have a really good solution covering a high power, which is very portable (very ergonomic handles), and an eyeful in the keupins! ! (This is the most important point, yes ^ ^)