the box TA 12
ericthegreat 10/25/2011

the box TA 12 : ericthegreat's user review

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The Box TA 12 is a high powered PA speaker Cabinet, its not pretty too look at in my opinion it kind of looks like the old speakers that use to be on stage in the early 90’s for punk bands. But the sound of it is very good, you can really crank this think up to the max and blow the whole crowd and or audience away. I knew as soon as I sent the signal into this PA that I was in for a treat. The sound quality when paired with some of my most detailed mics is simply pristine! Not to mention, the amount of raw power this thing pushes out is more than adequate for any venue that I have played at.

Got a pair of these to replace a Bose system that somebody paid way too much for, and it absolutely blows previous (also new) system away. Mine is a permanent install so I can't comment on coverage. I love the input options and convenience of being powered. It isn't as clean and flat as my friends Apogee system (comparable cost), but sounds a million times better than the Bose system, or some other Peavey and JBL systems I've used (also comparable cost). I would imagine that with a sub things would really sound sweet.

Also, the 12s are bullet proof. I have seen them used in every venue from Frats to DJs to Clubs to touring and you can't kill them.

If your looking for a durable high quality yet cost effective solution to your audio needs, you can't go wrong with the 12s. I must admit I was very skeptical when they first came out, but you need only hear them once to be blown away. You can also tote them around with you pretty easy and get them in and out of your vehicle. Very well balanced for carrying.