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JimboSpins 01/01/2013

Yamaha MSR250 : JimboSpins's user review

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This Active PA cabinet delivers a huge sound no matter where you are. Though it is only a 10 inch speaker it sounds like it is a 15 inch speaker. Even in a larger space this cabinet sounds great. The weight of this speaker is a lot more than what I thought it was going to be. It weighs more than 20 pounds which is a lot for only a 10 inch speaker cabinet.
The sound of this speaker is crystal clear; if I could make a change to it I think I would add a little more warmth to it though. Sometimes it can feel rather “light” and not thick or warm enough and the way that I like my sound to be on stage is a lot heavier but with it being as clear as it is and as loud as it is you just cannot go wrong with this speaker.
The MSR 250 would be great for using it as a loud speaker the most, like for instructional purposes or for some sort of a presentation because of how well it does with vocals. It is very affordable which is one of the best things about it, and it is one of those speakers that you truly just have to hear before you can make a decision on where you want to purchase it or not.
This speaker is great for all sorts of applications right out of the box. I have used many other loudspeakers from Yamaha and they all are pretty good, made well and very durable. I have not had this speaker long enough to know how it will hold up over time but so far so good. This is a great buy for the quality you will get and I highly recommend getting it; not so much for live music performances but more for smaller events, speeches and similar activities.