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Yamaha Hex Drum Rack System

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Yamaha Hex Drum Rack System
News Yamaha Hex Drum Rack System

Rack/Fixing Accessory from Yamaha

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Yamaha Introduces Hex Drum Rack System.

Yamaha Drums adapted the same hex shape that is synonymous with their tom arms and applied it to a newly-designed Hex Rack System™. These hex-shaped pipes is designed to provide superior strength over the rounded pipes that dominate the market. With its matte chrome finish, a complete Hex Rack System™ makes a stunning visual statement under stage lights.

Yamaha also developed a brilliant method for attaching toms, cymbals and accessories to the hex pipes. A two-piece combination gives drummers many possibilities and flexibility in setting up their kits: the Arm Clamp and Synthetic Open Sphere. The Sphere can be quickly and easily attached anywhere on the hex pipe with a Pacman-style spring, allowing the Arm Clamp to be easily secured onto it.

The use of this Sphere and Arm Clamp together is twofold. First, it allows for the Arm Clamp, when loosened, to provide additional adjustability as it spins on the Sphere. As the Arm Clamp is tightened, the Sphere grips the pipe at the six hex points and eliminates slippage.

The HXR3L and HXR2L Hex Rack Systems™ is available now.

For more information, visit their web site at www.yamaha.com.
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