Boost CD 240
Boost CD 240

CD 240, Rackmount DJ Player from Boost.

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Cedjay 04/28/2005

Boost CD 240 : Cedjay's user review


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Trs nice product but unfortunately there is always a problem, THE FIRST I bought the right deck was a default, I made a change and the wrong buttons , displaying the right deck DCON, the pitch of the plate is left on dfaillant 1x 3 ...
TRS is a nice product but unfortunately in bad quality ..

What's new:
On July 15, 2004
MSC SONOVENT be back home to report that my ... platinum. With the default list of big ... Boost in esprant that suits the pavement.

After a brief tour in mhdiffusion (my favorite store) where I found the same plate under another brand, I realized that the same mold cd c'tait the same crap.
I strongly deprecated the purchase of the same plate for beginners Enny you more than anything else. If you intend to buy one I suggest you pay the price.
-> Limit Numark, Gemini, Synq, Reloop, BST, ~ JBSystems ...
-------------------------------------------------- ---------
40ne of the new after a boost of days in my deck is back (08/24/2004)
Opening the box: no list of problem rparrs ...
The Joggle (the so-called wheel turns round) is not even in its location it is walking in the box, and neither of them runs smoothly. Left the pitch does not tjs! the slider a little glue and style glatine donf op pressed, so you can move them even more.
New bugs: the stage right is the sound of a tractor ...

Boost thank you!

in any case very beautiful plate from a distance, far away ...
1 / 10 I gnreux me!

Report quality price: the price is but they forgot to put quality ca not be sold, I do not know ..