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pulvonium 03/25/2012

Gemini DJ CDX-1210 : pulvonium's user review

«  For DJs, not for the sound system. »

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So I'm not a DJ, I'm amateur sound engineer.
I wanted a CD rack to move the music before and after concerts.
I wanted a player with a big readable display and backlit buttons that we not seek in the dark.
All that he has, so I should be happy.

The problem is that this player can not play two songs without inserting a blank. If you make a live album, you have a horrible break between songs ... I guess the white is due to filling of shockproof memory.
Vendor documentation describing it as a CD player "to do everything", including passing background music, I'm not happy.

DJ for a pure, however, are all useful options, which unfortunately I did not need.