Cascade Microphones C77

C77, Ribbon Microphone from Cascade Microphones.

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moosers 01/24/2010

Cascade Microphones C77 : moosers's user review


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The Cascade Microphones C77 is a bang for your buck ribbon microphones designed for use in the recording studio.  I'd only recommend using it for recording purposes, since it is a ribbon microphone and needs to be handled with care.  The mic has a figure eight polar pick up pattern like most ribbon microphones, and picks up frequencies between 30 Hz and 18 KHz.  The mic has the look and feel of the classic RCA DX77 ribbon microphone, and is said to be loosely based upon it.


The Cascade Microphones C77 is perfect for either the home or professional studio owner who is looking for a very reasonably priced ribbon microphone without sacrificing too much quality.  While of course this doesn't sound like the original DX77, it does have a more than respectable sound quality and is a mic that will come handy in a lot of different situations.  The mic is great for recording vocals, electric guitars, and piano, which are just the applications that I've had a chance to use the microphone with.  The mic is built pretty well, but certainly has a cheaper feel to it than the original DX77.  However, I think it should last a pretty long time as long as you treat it properly.  Since of course it is a true ribbon mic, it definitely has the sound to match, making it a good choice for a reliable ribbon microphone that sounds good without having to spend the big bucks on a real RCA or a Royer.  Even though it is probably more suitable for a home studio owner, I wouldn't count out using this in a professional one either, as it has a great sound quality to go along with its great price.  If you're looking for that ribbon sound with the hassle of maintaining a vintage one and without the large price tag, definitely investigate the C77.