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[NAMM] C&T Naked Eye Roswellite

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Crowley And Tripp Naked Eye Roswellite
News Crowley And Tripp Naked Eye Roswellite

Ribbon Microphone from Crowley And Tripp

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Crowley and Tripp announced today the release of the Naked Eye Roswellite™ ribbon microphone, coinciding with increased production of the company’s nanomaterial processes.

Naked Eye Roswellite now joins el Diablo as the toughest and most powerful ribbon microphones ever created for music recording and live sound reinforcement. The Naked Eye Roswellite features the same True Dual Voicing design and carefully crafted tone of the Naked Eye Classic, plus it adds the power of the Crowley and Tripp nanocomposite ribbon material – Roswellite – that was first introduced in the famously disruptive el Diablo Mercenary Edition.

The popular Naked Eye ribbon microphone has become a favorite of recording musicians for reliably capturing the thickest guitar tone, and adding Roswellite expands its capability into kick drums, snare, bass, and the rigors of live touring and sound reinforcement. There is no other ‘foil’ ribbon microphone at any price that can match its tone, sound pressure level handling and toughness.

“Since its introduction in 2007, Roswellite has shown strong appeal to musicians, live sound pros, dealers, and other microphone manufacturers alike, ” says Crowley and Tripp product manager, Chris Regan. “Everybody wanted to know how it sounded compared to the traditional aluminum “foils, ” and the answer was, ‘exactly the same, but with absolutely none of the fragility, phantom power handling, or re-ribboning fears.’ I think that’s why many other mic makers have contacted us and want Roswellite. They see the real benefit of durability and manufacturability, without sacrificing the most important part – the sound!

Company President Bob Crowley added, “The Naked Eye Roswellite has a look that received a strong positive response when we showed it to studios, live sound crews, and dealers during beta testing. Naked Eye users confirmed the likeness in sound, very aggressive SPL handling ability, and confidence that it is not going to change in severe conditions.”

Naked Eye Roswellite comes with a lifetime warranty, beautiful wood storage box, and low-diffraction rotary Monocle Mount. An optional suspension mount, and durable road touring case are also available. The Naked Roswellite is now shipping and is priced at $1,295.

Crowley and Tripp ribbon microphones are made in USA by hand, using American parts, at the company’s Ashland, Massachusetts laboratory. They are built by people who know the art and science of acoustics, and who have years of experience with high output, low noise instruments used in medical and professional audio applications. Models include Studio Vocalist, Soundstage Image, Proscenium, Naked Eye, Recordist Ensemble Stereo Kit, el Diablo with Roswellite, and SPLx Custom.
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