Meinl Raker Heavy Ride 20"
Meinl Raker Heavy Ride 20"

Raker Heavy Ride 20", Ride Cymbal from Meinl in the Raker series.

MGR/Anonymous 12/08/2002

Meinl Raker Heavy Ride 20" : MGR/Anonymous's user review

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I found this cymbal on Ebay and, using the "buy now" feater, I only paid an amazing 75.00! They normally retail for over 150.00. I needed something with a beefey sound that would fit well with my heavy metal band and replace my previous 20" Sabian B8 ride.

I LOVE this cymbal! It is extremely heavy, and has a beautiful finish. The sound is great. There is little to no wash and the sound penetrates the LOUDEST of music. It also has a fired bell which has a fine, high pitched sound. The bell sound didn't blow me away, but it is better than most rides out there. This is a must for any hard rock/Metal band!

Nothing, it was exactly what I was looking for!

Extremely thick and heavy duty. One of the most beautiful cymbals I have every seen.

Because of it's sheer volume, I would ONLY recommened it for loud music. It isn't very adaptable for a variety of styles of music. THIS CYMBAL KICKS A$$!!!

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