Zildjian A Deep Ride 20"
Zildjian A Deep Ride 20"

A Deep Ride 20", Ride Cymbal from Zildjian.

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yéhan 08/20/2006

Zildjian A Deep Ride 20" : yéhan's user review


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I bought this cymbal today!
so first of all I crash my ride continuously since the magnitude jaime DGIG this Dave Grohl in the genre ... so good decision to choose head .....
jai to try tt full ride sabian, paiste (the giant beat ride crash of 24 )..... and that's the one who finally m 'tap in the eye !!!!!
I carefully installed to replace my 22-K ....
Pan and I'm starting a mallet on the bonneur (as I bought it and tell me you )!!!! mtallic without a hint of either, infection of the heat, fr quences mdium is really the Avedis's !!!!!
it's like in the "in utero" by nirvana!! honestly I did not come away with a Avedis (plus a sabian) but really it's magic for the guys who ride them .... crashes of elsewhere in the transition guy can not be done there must attack frankly it's not as easy as a crash but his legendary ride to MRIT ca,
so now Avedis Custom forever !!!!!!! May be I will try a ping ride (as is Grohl!) see a sweet ride but I will stay Avedis basta !!!!!