Zildjian K Constantinople Light Ride 22''
Zildjian K Constantinople Light Ride 22''

K Constantinople Light Ride 22'', Ride Cymbal from Zildjian in the K Constantinople series.

moosers 07/12/2010

Zildjian K Constantinople Light Ride 22'' : moosers's user review


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Zildjian’s K Constantinople 22” Light Ride is a cymbal that is great for situations of all types. It’s simply an awesome sounding ride cymbal, so this will transfer well to any situation that you use it in. I’ve recorded with this cymbal a number of times, although I don’t own it myself as I’m not a drummer. The drummer that I work most closely with has one of these and uses it on almost every session. It’s a pretty big and bright ride cymbal in general, although it doesn’t have much of a bell sound. It’s definitely not best suited for rock music, as in my experience it sounds best for jazz and lighter forms of music and drumming. It’s not the kind of ride cymbal that you’ll want to beat away at, rather it’s best for lighter playing. I don’t really know much about the origins of this cymbal, or why it’s called the Constantinople; my only guess would be that it was made there. Like I said earlier, I’m not a drummer so I’m not a cymbal freak by any stretch, but I definitely know what a good sounding ride sounds like, and this certainly embodies that. The price of the Zildjian K Constantinople 22” Light Ride isn’t too cheap in general, but for a cymbal of this caliber it isn’t too unrealistic of a price at all. Zildjian is definitely one of the world’s leaders when it comes to cymbals, so I really trust their craftsmanship, as you’d be hard pressed to find a legit Zildjian cymbal that didn’t sound great. Although all cymbals are different, and the sound will vary from individual cymbal to individual cymbal, the Zildjian K Constantinople 22” Light Ride is a great choice as a ride cymbal for genres that aren’t as heavy as rock n roll.