Zildjian K Custom Ride 20"
Zildjian K Custom Ride 20"

K Custom Ride 20", Ride Cymbal from Zildjian in the K Custom series.

The dark crash 08/13/2006

Zildjian K Custom Ride 20" : The dark crash's user review


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I use it for over a year.
The ping (sound of impact) is very well Dfine trs and clear. The cymbals do not runaway, can hit like a deaf man remains controllable (which does not mean it is not expressive). The sound of the dme trs is powerful, even a bit too (not cool for the sound system), it is not obvious controlling. In crash, unthinkable! At the same time it is not meant to. In short this is not trs versatile cymbal (jazz refrain), it remains trs rock, but what a wonder! The sound is beautiful!
I tried Sabian I do not like at all and almost everything The models of custom SERIES K (dark ride, ride mdium, dry ride ...). The ride, period (glossy finish) is the one that touch me most especially for the clarity. Note that the rest of the range is quite dark in tone.
Certainly the K Custom are the most expensive on the market at the same time it is also the best! Note that even when the ride is by trs Paisse consquent you life. So the report qualitprix me parat trs correct.
Obviously this choice I would do it again if I had.