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Chicken Systems Updates Translator

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Chicken Systems Translator 2.x
News Chicken Systems Translator 2.x

Chicken Systems has released a new update of Translator - version for Mac OS X and for Windows.

This new update features Kontakt 4.2 support, new SFZ support, Synclavier support in the new Translator Hi-Tech Edition for Mac, plus Mac enhancements and general maintenance in preparation for Translator version 6.


For Translator registered customers, to update, open the program and the Help-Check For Updates function should tell you there is a new update available.


New Source Formats:

  • NI Kontakt 4.2.
  • Motif XF (.x3v;.x3a).
  • Akai MPC APS (.aps) files.
  • Ensoniq PARIS files.
  • Workstation formats (Motif, Fantom, Fusion, Triton).
  • Synclavier [MAC, Hi-Tech Edition only].

New Destination Formats:

Other changes:

  • [NI] Added full Kontakt 4.2 support for Reference Manager and other items.
  • [NI] Now supports non-extension sample files for Kontakt; Kontakt does not support sample files that do not have proper extensions. [MAC] Types the files so they work.
  • [NI] Fixed and optimized ->Kontakt Voicegroups.
  • [NI] Supports Kontakt ADHR Only setting (no sustain stage in envelopes).
  • [NI] Fixed ->Kontakt Monolith conversions.
  • [ALL] Added ability for interface to look at a user-defined Root Folder to eliminate clutter.
  • [ALL] [MAC] Added deletion and renaming of objects on proprietary disks; Roland, MPC, Ensoniq, Akai, Emu.
  • [ALL] Supports import of most non-Motif written Motif files.
  • [ALL] INST and inst chunks in WAVE or AIFF files properly read; RootKey and FineTune is given priority when 'INST’/'inst’ are included.
  • [ALL] [MAC] Optimized creating Virtual Drives from disks.
  • [ALL] [MAC] Added option WriteDOSCompatibleNames, this forces Program-type and Sample-type files to be written with DOS-compatible names, even though the Mac can handle more characters.
  • [ALL] Sped up Giga-> conversions.
  • [ALL] Fixed conversion of Millennium files that use stereo WAVE’s.
  • [ALL] Now includes warning giving choice to delete object or not.
  • [ALL] Improved reading of S-5x drives and images.
  • [ALL] Improved single and bulk conversion of single samples to other single sample formats.
  • [ALL] Fixed bulk conversion of Emax banks.
  • [SFZ] Added new Preference pane, added collapsing to Groups, support for incoming Group names and organization, and custom user-defined SFZ writing methods.
  • [AKAI] Added creating and deleting MPC folders on MPC proprietary drives.
  • [AKAI] Added option for MPC200XL 1.20 OS PC formatting.
  • [AKAI] Now supports nested MPC folders on MPC disks.
  • [AKAI] Fixed some bugs and optimized MPC proprietary disk formatting.
  • [ROLAND] Fixed some writing Roland disk bugs and auditioning Roland samples.
  • [EMU] Corrected some ESi issues.
  • [KURZWEIL] Corrected some ->Kurzweil issues.
  • [ENSONIQ] Fixed issues when converting the maximum wavesample (#127).
  • [ENSONIQ] Fixed naming issues with stereo samples.
  • [SAMPLETANK] Corrected some SampleTank issues.
  • [SOUNDFONT] Improved DLS conversions; added modulators and connections.
  • [KORG] Implemented more modulators into Triton conversion.
  • [FUSION] [MAC] Implemented full converting into Banks and creating new Banks.
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