E-MU Emax II Rack
E-MU Emax II Rack

Emax II Rack, Sampler from E-MU.

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E-MU Emax II Rack : Anonymous 's user review


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16 votes that may be composed of two "voices" indpendantes (as many multitimbral parts in super mode, dynamic allocation, optional monaural)

converters not as those typs of emax I, trs but even though qd (16 from 18-bit output)

no effect dsp rel time, but:
chorus in an adjustable intensity (duplication detune a "voice" who does not eat polyphony)

chorus combined with the options of panning allows spatialization effects and effective enlargement Stereo TRS

assign the same sample with two voices of a preset produces a flanger / phaser INTERESTED (if VLOC route to the pitch of one, we get a chorus flexible bonus .. .)

ct dsp:
no pitch shifting or time stretching (the pitch shift simply transposes the _en altrant_ the sample on the keyboard, + / - 0 ~ 35.99 semitones)
but a slow convolution algorithm (20?? minutes ...) to interpolate between two spectral samples, and samples of gnrateur down on a rudimentary form of fft / synthse additive ( rudimentary but INTERESTED).
Sampling rate conversion (10000 ~ 44100 khz)

Well, it's not a Fairlight ... eh ...

Possibility of closure of all samples is honntes, memory pokey (8mb. ..) but part of the charm, solid construction, and full output (4 Stereo)


Everything is srigraphi front: gnial.
not too many options, simple and intuitive (a lot of strumming, but DDIS button, so will a)
original architecture but comprhensible flexible and trs (all custom settings can be adjusted indpendamment for each key on the keyboard if you feel like a ...)


The filter is rsons numrique but (rsonnance a little aggressive), good dynamic.
It really shines in mdiums, not bad for the bass (although quite warm draft) INTERESTED aliasing effects in the treble.


The price of the occasion, saying anything,
is a sampler (all dpend of what we put), trs crative synthse not yet effective.

Ct's him I think I emax I prfre the SE, it has less options (non-adjustable chorus, transposition of samples over limits, memory / 4), less polyphony (8 votes, 4 if you want the primary and sec rgler voices indpendamment)
but more of personality: the analog filters (which have nothing transcendent) are less aggressive and converters REALLY trs spciaux ...