E-MU Emulator III XP/XS
E-MU Emulator III XP/XS

Emulator III XP/XS, Sampler from E-MU.

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ear2 08/30/2004

E-MU Emulator III XP/XS : ear2's user review


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Polyphony: 32 voice polyphony in mono, stereo in 16 passes.
Converters: AD1860 (Analog Device). Frquences suporte: 16bits 32Khz to 48Khz.
Effects: None.
Memory: 8MB base 32 MB.
The trio usual twelve o'clock, a spares mix + 8 (4 stereo), I / O numrique SPDIF AES / BU.
The outputs are all symtriques. The mix is ​​doubled on XLR.
Taking R422, never implentation in the programs (I know).
SCSI x 2.
Between sampling the analog version of XS. Optional on XP, but the sampling is possible between the numrique.
Edition: Trs simple, over the SMDI sampler agrees perfectly. There is a remote program on the Mac (see emulatorarchive), joint with Alchemy 3 you all ...


The edition is very simple, the menu is clear and everything is tidy.
The manual is incomplete because it lacks certain features such as multiple transformers and AKAI import etc ... Finally functions trs prcises seeking to enter the machine.


Sound down, the Converto output are the same as the ESI series, yet are irrelevant (trs thundering). This is certainly the advantages of output that are not at all the same, the outputs can symtriques in addition to not having background noise SCSI.
The sound is warm, big and can be trs trs also clear.
The filters are the same as on Emax2, G chip. We like it or not, it gives me a good copy of analog filter, but rsonnance is worse. Terrible qd same. Ngligeable a bonus, the cutoff is displayed in Hz and is not a value of 0 99.
The chorus is interesting, but less weird than emax2.
The dynamics is very well respected.


Knowing enough about the EMU samplers, I must still admit that even I have a weakness for old MODELS (up EIII). The grain I got more enjoyable silent.
With the samplers used in a lot of brands (AKAI, YAMAHA), I always come back to his amricain is really part.
The quality of its manufacturing and the EIII XP / XS professional trs, trs connectors is good quality. I have the turbo version (the internal drive) and it is silent trs, no ventilation, the disc is trs bit noisy.
I certainly crack again to a normal or EIII EII.
The report is now qualitprix interesting versions for XP / XS qd same note they cost $ 6,500 and $ 7,000 XP XS (between sampling)