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dajhne 11/13/2005

Ensoniq EPS : dajhne's user review


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Its polyphony is 20-way mini frequency (11 khz ...) and can vary depending on the quality selected (up to 52kHz!). Polyphonic aftertouch present on this keyboard. The EPS also has a big fat 2 x 8-track sequencer with a capacity of about 140,000 marks. The resolution is 1/48th of black.

Useful detail: the work convertos 13-bit (!), Not 12.
No internal effect, but it is a machine which dates back to 1985.

Base memory, if I n "abuse, is 768 k, and EPS dipose a port on the back for two types of memory cartridge (2X or 4X).
CAUTION: contrary to what one might think, a cartridge does not mean 2x 2 MB !!!!! To extend the maximum EPS of his memory, it must 4X (2MB)!
In separate outputs, that is where the hurt down, since a pair of outputs from the EPS has no outputs.
There he left a box with 8 separate outputs as an option, but it was not found.

For 85 'was a complete machine architecture: at the time, and in front of Ensoniq, Emu The only I and II, with the Kurzweil K250 and the Fairlight held the top of the bill.
Akai stammered with s700 and 900 very credible level editing and Sequential died.


It is a very complete machine for its time, and many hardware samplers of aujoud'hui, do not offer much (S2000, A3000, ESI4000 ...).
However, its use is extremely simple ergonomics is a key word at Ensoniq. With its logical architecture (the function buttons are grouped together), its color code, and especially a bewildering selection facility for any sample of a multisample.
The big argument at the time, it was loading in-game sounds Same edition: you can keep the score down while changing the loop in real time.
The English manual is very clear, orderly, and it reads easily.

The EPS is almost a full synthesizer in its architecture (VCF, LFO, ENV multifaceted and loopable x 3), and got much synth sounds incredible, just by a few samples trafficker. In +, everything is flexible as desired.


Large dynamic output, and also a lot of noise: small audio plays at the end of sampling (easily troncables), presence of breath, and grain of 13 bits.
This gives her a massive and very rich, full bodied.
Very credible for acoustic sounds.
The filter is not resonant, like the Akai S900/1000, but multi-mode, and its cut is daunting.


Excellent machine with a soul. I had two, and kept the latter as a master keyboard (also good).
Indestructible bike.