Ensoniq ASR-10
Ensoniq ASR-10
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Jerome baur 04/21/2003

Ensoniq ASR-10 : Jerome baur's user review


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Machine for his extraordinary capabilities as well as sound like a little home studio nomad.
24-bit effects can transform a simple in its rich texture.
16 MB memory is low, but following the use of scne or in the studio they allow
install kits comfortable.
The connection to the SCSI kit is prfrable recess.


The approach and the interface is a joy may be made from certain pages. tool is a real musician. for those who like to get their hands dirty or those who never opened the hood it is possible to create and transform it
will the sound and size. the shipping for me is intuitive and the manual is well done. Also today a wealth of information is available on the net.


The sound of the ASR proven and renames through the ads and sites are: THE BIG SOUND.
the dynamics of this machine is really thundering.
MRIT of rotary filters.


Since his beginners around 1992. I like the Swiss Army knife ct this sampler. downside for the weight scne
volatile memory and without the option ROM. the machine is robust, when I think of km I did with it.
the keyboard is good trs and the yield curves vlocits matre in a studio as a key driver Matra and other synth or samplers. Obviously it expensive for the trs silent era but since 92 is a pice rest matress
in my config and the sound of my compositions.