Roland S-750
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Balbus 11/09/2003

Roland S-750 : Balbus's user review


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It was a sophisticated sampler numrique the era of its release in 1992, with its monitor, the mouse, sound editor, and now it's still enjoyable to use a machine trs .

24 voice polyphony for the reproduction of many overlays of sounds and timbres obtaining the most complex.

2 megabytes of internal memory (RAM), expandable 18 megabytes using standard SIMMs, for
more than 100 seconds of sampling stro at once.

Ral sampling 16-bit
Frquences In and Out in 44.1 and / with / or 22.05

Inputs and outputs for a REALLY Stereo Sampling, 8 assignable outputs

Functions of signal processing (DSP) edition sophisticated and include time compression (Time Stretch), the conversion frequency drives, the enchantment and mixing of samples, the inversion, the controlled Audio Dfile with the manual filtering and compression / expansion.

Rchantillonnage internal flight trigger the sounds stocks, standardization, multi-loop (layer) ...

Hierarchy Backup: Volume / Performance / Patch / Partial / Sample

Integrated floppy drive plug SCSI for external storage
(Cd rom & opto-magnetic 650 MB hard drives up to 1 GB)

Halion 2 reads its samples

The Midi Sample Dump Standard (MSDS) enables the exchange of samples from another S-750, S-770 or S-760
Compatibility with the files of S-550 and Roland W-30

The S-750 includes the MSDS and can give TRANSFR of the samples by the south to another device that also includes the standard.
This may be another sampler or computer software quip edition of the sample.
The samples are TRANSFR to and from memory rather than disk.

The S-750 is an initiator (scsi chain terminator and can be plugged into a Mac or PC and share peripherals with him, if in the end it needs a chain terminator. Well take care to turn everyone else at the time of the clash is back and everything is repeated.


We can not say that the configuration is simple, read the instructions, but for those like me who have horror, going through the menus with the mouse, it always finds a way to exploit its samples quickly.

The edition of his grace is convenient and easy connection of a monitor.
and the manual is in French trs clear.


Effects (Timestretch and filters) are effective but can not have prview, making each rglage random image, the dynamic compliance


I have been using an over several decades, it is stable trs. I use it in concert on scne, he made use of all Creations in my home studio.

But it's a big machine dplacer with its monitor the mouse and its peripherals.

I always regret this problem pan impilotable by noon, the storage limit and above the chronic incompatibility can not read anything that sounds roland.

Before I had an S-550 (too small in total), and when I had the S-750 t aa lot of fun

C'tait machine CHRE (28,000 f), but too CHRE 10 years we can say that I have amortized
If we had the choice again I think I would do, otherwise so Roland was recovering to a sampler of the MODEL S-750 but more powerful of course, I think I r-invest in the Roland.