Roland SP-808
Roland SP-808

SP-808, Sampler from Roland in the SP series.

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Yann Polar 08/16/2003

Roland SP-808 : Yann Polar's user review


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Poly ultra-limited, we can tweak to make the re-recording parts but it does not compensate for the (only?) Major fault of this machine.

The sound deserves a listen: we have only eight tracks, but the mastiff how my ancestors: it is far from the coldness of Akai! The sound module E-mu also pales next to the SP. The sound vibrates, hurt the speakers, and when the resonant filter is running, it's really physical!

Standard memory and max: 100 Zip! ample time to sample, no memory problems, no need to fight with the connection to the SCSI (by the way, the interface is optional for the very hungry)

PC and Mac editor is available for download, you can transfer sounds into Wavelab SP 808, even more work on his finesse, recharge in the SP: the madness! (Zip drive required ...)


Config ultra simple: it's almost child's play without the manual, and it may not be worse: getting started easy, pleasant day operations, few sub menus: the beast is easy to tame. Some operations Time Stretching or registration loop points are tedious, but as time goes, it goes by itself.

Effects: terribly effective, diverse, creative, versatile: it is very simple when I want a synth sounds correctly I pass in the effects section of the SP: spatialization effects well done, Lo-fi effects not loops, distortion + delays to try it with a guitar, filter (cutoff / resonance to fall) devilishly effective.
Lexicon Reverb enthusiast on your way, a lover of sounds that move come here!

3 buttons change real-time for the live well, creations in real time, changes on the wire: perfect.

Another plus: the laser beam D-Beam, ranked ray gadget for some, loved by others and for good reason: time stretching samples in real time and controlled by hand: the effects of scratch, lo-fi Portishead's guaranteed! As for the emulation of ondes Martenot: effective, simple, and it's her little effect in live ...


The converters are not transparent, that's why I love them: they provide a style that plays directly to the sample ... The sound is in any way changed for the better in my opinion. It is far from the quality Ensoniq dear to some leading experts, but we approach it a lot.

The effects are effective, nothing to add. If only: Only on this machine it sounds like that! Many other Roland, Korg, Yamaha and E-mu (!) Are not as good on that side ...


Attention is an instrument in itself!

with its weaknesses (polyphony and menu navigation) and qualities (effects, sampling performance, real-time controls, resampling and all the rest). MS 808 allows me to make effective and premix prepared away from home models of songs Rock, Electro, Trip Hop very well prepared, good quality, somewhat limited in polyphony, but the sound tenfold.

As to live with MS, I'll let you a glimpse of the capabilities offered by this machine: a track turns the background, I have fun with my second and crushed samples in real time traffics I voice the singer with the internal effects and I record everything (voice and musicians premixed) at the same time!

Only the SP is doing its job of dedicated Sampling Workstation, and if he adds a powerful keyboard (random: Ensoniq, or Rhodes emulation for hoppeurs trip) if you plug a guitar to take advantage of its effects, if s' used in the maximum, it is a royal place in a mix or a concert: Batteries in the background, samples and powerful and dynamic effects really exciting.

This machine has a hybrid status: not really a pure sample or a real Dtd today's standards, it provides models, premixes, and to concerts without having to be ashamed of his or building. It is always served by design "while a limited" but it can, like a real musical instrument to imagine, to seek, hack, find and finally brings to one who uses it a little something that gas plants do not have: creativity!