Roland SP-808EX
Roland SP-808EX

SP-808EX, Sampler from Roland in the SP series.

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Pti'Houst 07/13/2010

Roland SP-808EX : Pti'Houst's user review

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Value For Money : Excellent
* What  polyphony?
4 stereo (but be careful if excessively frequent memory / zip) it crashes!
* What converters?

* Which effects?
A good Roland bank effects Roland is present anyway! whose RSSurround not bad to give scale to a mix.
* How much memory as a standard? maximum?
I do not remember very well but I think it's Direct to Disk then the Zip (250MB).
* What connections (audio, MIDI, digital ...)?
Basic RCA I / O sucks (very oriented DJ / Turntable beast!)
* Is there an editing utility for Mac / PC?
A soft import / export sample (MAC / PC) exists and is always available a priori in this meandering Site roland: or there PC users:


Very easy to use and grip, a multi-party, part sampler, some effects, trim, normalize, loop, everything is very instinctive (rather than on an A4000 for example)
Big French manual available on the Roland site it seems to me (at the veryleast in English)


It's good especially with the fact that most RCA coming a little to spoil the party, an option exists to have digital outputs, however ... a shame because the multi-up was not totally uninteresting to make a demo quickly


At the time it was worth in the 10 000 Francs or 1500 €  quite expensive and not necessarily the best value for money, we still face the excellent Akai MPC or we had the yamaha SU700. The advantage was theoretically on the DTD 250 zip where others are galéraient diskette included effects (an option for others). In the end its polyphony remains in my memory a big frustration ! Not adapted to creation! rather directed to a balanced sample or loop from time to time to live, playing with the effects ... in short, a machine if extra decks have. Or recording, a stereo track for music, another for the song. Do not ask it too often just to have a bug access disk.