Roland MV-8800
Roland MV-8800

MV-8800, Sampling Sequencer from Roland in the MV series.

Stéphanopiano 09/28/2009

Roland MV-8800 : Stéphanopiano's user review


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All caractériqtiques are available on the official websites (eg
The connectors are perfect ... but it lacks a digital input of origin!


I recently (like 1 month) and have not found any shortcuts "keyboard" that I miss, like a button "delete" to delete selected notes or a shortcut to place locators and run loop. it should be possible but the manual is very succinct. As I bought OCCAZ I miss a small booklet "images" features in-depth so I an empirical approach!


With regard to the sound that comes out I think it is "neutral" not especially handsome, but not particularly ugly "waiting to be processed." I grew up for years with the Ensoniq ASR 10 and a vestax HDR8 of that, they have a really "his" so it made me feel funny to hear the MV-8800! I'm not even gone to the completion of the project or song with effects, so I can not even speak.


Approximately one month I have: I will complete this review in more detail. One thing is certain: I had purchased almost exclusively for his role as real-time time stretch and am very disappointed. The audiophrases are very poor, even by giving complete information about the sample (bpm origin, time, ect. I am now "chopper" loops to change the bpm is saying! Soon to be a change of firmware fix it?

Added September 28, 2009:

With the practice of looping / tempo I say YES, it works!