Roland MV-8800
Roland MV-8800

MV-8800, Sampling Sequencer from Roland in the MV series.

ericthegreat 11/27/2011

Roland MV-8800 : ericthegreat's user review

« all in one »

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The Roland MV 800 allows the project to create a song mode and up to 96 patterns. From there, when is in pattern, you can switch the play pattern, which can trigger the reading of the patterns created through the pads (a function "wait" to specify the machine to read the pattern through a pad at the end of reading the current pattern, and function "immediate" because the pattern is read from the activation of the pad), and reading all the sentences of the audio track audio. Each pattern can maintain its own tempo and align with a global tempo set or editable during playback. Pattern Play mode, the sliders are functional, but can not change their assignment during playback.


In song mode, you have a past pattern function, which allows you to play a series of pattern live as we please, or make a song clean mode with all the pattern created.
We also have a function with the quantize grid modes, shuffle, and template (to give a little groove in the sequences).
To respond to some opinions, I want to point out some errors, there are shortcuts! I would say all that are needed are present note "erase event" and "delete" on the front, as well as for the locator, markers, loop and a host of other super practical.


No complaints, the pads are great and fully programmable on all parameters midi. You can even assign up to five sounds per pad, so it was not over the fingers to wear them. If he adds a master keyboard was all it takes.


Overall, Good sampling machine, but you love the MPC’s then stick with them. This will allow you to do more, but it does not have the feel of the MPC that we all love. There are a lot of menus and sub menus that will confuse you. If you haven't used the MPC at all then go with this sample because its an all in one machine.