Roland MC-09 PhraseLab
Roland MC-09 PhraseLab

MC-09 PhraseLab, Sampling Sequencer from Roland in the MC series.

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Supertomate 02/11/2003

Roland MC-09 PhraseLab : Supertomate's user review


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If you are looking for a practical tool to make prog live (the eletronica minimalist jazz, hiphop), easy transportrer, and synchronizing it or not improvise, to grind and hack tt in the sense that c is the it happens.
This stuff is terrible for this use, c is not a 909 or other workstation so you have about the same stuff live (it's personal analog: mfb synth lite + mfb synth (keyboard)).


It is therefore possible to sample in real time a musician who is a rif sax, while the sample groove drummer directos 2 minutes before continuing to shoot ... In addition to the trs timestrech works well, and it is possible to rpart (tj live!) The sample of the 16 notes of the mini keyboard (like TB) ... joy for hackers
The effects are nice and perfectly adapted to live.

There are a mono synth + (DSP analog imitation) allows following round bass line and lead to hard + sounds of the Roland BAR. the whole sample by the sampler section.
c is in support, and it's good leaving grind.


Big sound in perspective
The sampler sounds trs well, time strech really transparent
the synth: It sounds good, even though trs.
The DSP is monosynth trs correct and just be told ss every angle. so that c + TB of imitation / TR. (C but is not!;))
It can be used with a keyboard expander buttocks.


+ What about?
j I love the concept. c a real instrument and the possibilities of use are standards scne (or grind in either the sample).
It can serve as BAR amlior but hey, not c me why I bought the (380E Thomann)