Roland MC-909 Sampling Groovebox
Roland MC-909 Sampling Groovebox

MC-909 Sampling Groovebox, Sampling Sequencer from Roland in the MC series.

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lanquarem 05/20/2004

Roland MC-909 Sampling Groovebox : lanquarem's user review


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You'll find it all in on dtail
9 and 10 not becaufe the MIDI functionality is limited and becaufe the effects section is not always trs ergonomic use in real time.


Trs simple to use, good ergonomics gnrale. Mc909 with a trs we can work quickly and get in no time a rsultat poustouflant. It is mainly a sduit me.

Manuel trs clear to beginners (I never had this type of machine before and it took just hours to start feeling comfortable).

A more comprehensive manual on certain aspects would be welcome: sampling, Fast Fashion particular sound and midi (in fact, which is very well Manir of exhibitions is the CRER grooves, record , etc ...)


Sounds are Ingala. Some seem cheap when played solo, but often they s'intgrent perfectly in just over an orchestration toffe (eg pianos).

By judicious use of effects, we get something faster stronger.

And diving in the edition of sounds should be able to do great things (I have a Triton so I did not really look into this aspect of things ...)

The effects rack is not bad. Too bad only two effects are available for intgralit tracks of a song. Sometimes it's a fair bit (you have to resample the parties wanted to get your exact).

The pads are useful for the CRER rhythmic enjoyable handling .. To enter Młoda prfre I use a small keyboard CONTRL.


Prs bought there a year. I do not use it every day, plutt by "crises". A bit heavy and bulky for the live (dj I carry too much) then I leave the house.

What is really good, it's quick work. Ideal for recording an ide, test something, which would set a groove then I export the samples to my PC. I do not use all the features. As far as I am doing is enjoyable to use trs. And in addition it is beautiful trs.

Sure, it's expensive. I do not know if I Rasht a day (so much more .... buy the prampli aaaah, aaaah the Nord Electro), but now that I have, I don ' not to spare.

9 everywhere and not 10 because it's an excellent machine, trs enjoyable and useful, but not perfect all the same (its default and its limitations are its charm may be ...).