Geni Mojo Scan 1 (MJC1X)
Geni Mojo Scan 1 (MJC1X)

Mojo Scan 1 (MJC1X), Moving mirror from Geni.

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soundlight1 08/28/2005

Geni Mojo Scan 1 (MJC1X) : soundlight1's user review


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I use a 4 MojoScan for about 2 years with the command Geni ...

The colors are very bright, despite taking its dlavement of dichroic filters on two of my devices (the oldest course), for the cons are dcrochements DMX has actually felt the last fixture of the loop, probably my fault because I do not use DMX.

I compared with marc Starway devices that have two discs (one gobo - 1 color), which allowed me to realize the fast and the precision of the movements of Mojo is the Pan and Tilt but also Sampler slot wheel sucker

For a modest price at the right time when to buy and pack, less than 200 Euros pice, c a very very good product.

This product is unanimity among people who help me, so I am scan from 2 to 4 under 1 year!

Dernire remark, I would like the test based software such as Elite 2Cidproduit 2C55050.html or Sunlite index%% 2Cidmarque 2C133509.html to see its capabilities tural!