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Geniesoft Updates Overture

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Geniesoft Overture
News Geniesoft Overture

Score writing software from Geniesoft

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Geniesoft has updated Overture v4.1.0 to Patch 21.

  • Fixed group parenthesis width around notes with dots.
  • Fixed broken ties and head displacement problems on slash note heads.
  • Fixed a spacing problem with whole notes in top voice and a note a second below in another voice.
  • Added a quick helpful feature. Shift click the TextOnly switch in Chords Window to show or hide all Guitar Frames in score. This will be changed later to a menu option.
  • Corrected beaming pattern for 6/4 meters to be groups of 6 eighth notes.
  • Fixed Metronome lead clocks in recording not working for odd meters.
  • Transpose command now transposes correctly for Guitar Frames and notes.
  • Fixed double sharps/flats being misspelled on transposing instruments when Showing Tracks Transposed.
  • PC – Fixed Bold button in Style Bar not set properly for measure text.
  • PC – Fixed Opaque button in Style Bar not toggling properly.
  • MAC – Fixed Punch In/Out buttons disabling problem.
  • MAC – Fixed icons that did not show in Step Input Window on Intel machines.
  • MAC – Fixed problem with Right Click menus not working.
  • MAC – Right click on Rehearsal Marks now allows Edit Enclosure dialog.
  • MAC – Fixed open dialog to default to proper location for libraries and open files.
  • Fixed several Key Signature bugs.
  • User now has choice of 6 Sharps to 6 Flats Enharmonic or 7 Sharps to 5 Flats Enharmonic in Setup Dialog box.
  • Added a blank chord in Chord Window when there are no frames for the current chord type so user can insert a chord of the current type and then fill in the fret positions later.
  • Improved Chord alignment when there are no notes in bar and align better when entering notes under them.
  • Fixed several Guitar Chord transposition problems including Diminished fourths.
  • Fixed a few problems when changing major, minor, aug and dim text types in Guitar Frame dialog.
  • Step Input now enters Guitar Chords with no frame if Text Only is check in Chords Window.
  • Step Input now transposes entered notes appropriately if Score is Transposed mode. Setting is in Step Input Options Menu.
  • Fixed Step Input bug that sometimes limited tuplets to only triplet values.
  • Fixed Step Input note spacing problems.
  • Fixed problem with expanding hairpins when entering multiple at one time.
  • Corrected dragging hairpins from right that always created a Crescendo not a Decrescendo.
  • Limited dragging of endings to stay on current staff.
  • Fixed Delete/Insert not working bug in Expression Library dialog.
  • Fixed problem where expressions were inadvertently selected when lasso was near the extension.
  • Fixed bug that caused non-music font symbols created from the Symbol’s tool to revert to Aloisen when reopening a saved file.
  • Improved Lyric spacing between notes.
  • Fixed bug where System Text jumped from entered location when exiting input and is always attached to top staff.
  • Fixed bug that limited Page text to only be dragged vertically.
  • Corrected vertical position of dynamics on each side of double hairpins.
  • When using the last couple of dynamics on a hairpin the curve is approximated to a sforzato to a crescendo.

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