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Sheet Music Without Paper

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Leoné MusicReader MusicReader
News Leoné MusicReader MusicReader

Score writing software from Leoné MusicReader

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Dutch company Leoné MusicReader has launched its innovative sheet music software called MusicReader to the worldwide public.

They tell us that the innovations of MusicReader make reading music easy and convenient in comparison to traditional music.

The software offers solutions for all kinds of problems musicians have with (paper) sheet music, both individually and in ensembles and orchestras. The features of MusicReader include easy page turning, a convenient music library and flexible annotations. The product also anticipates on the developments of digital sheet music offered online. Existing digital sheet music files can easily be converted to MusicReader. Also paper sheet music can be digitized by using an easy to use scanning and conversion program called MusicConvert.

MusicReader runs on all Windows XP and Vista laptops and desktops, but is especially designed for the use of pen and touch screens, such as on Tablet PCs. Leoné MusicReader B.V. also offers a variety of hardware options to make the use of the software even more convenient.

There are two versions of MusicReader available:

  • Solo Basic contains the annotations, navigation and music conversion features.
  • Solo Pro also has a full screen and two page display. Measure detection and tuner/metronome/music player are present.

An evaluation version of MusicReader is available for download so musicians can try it out for free. In the MusicReader community the company cooperates with users to be able to fulfill all musicians’ needs and wishes.

Pricing and Availability:
MusicReader Solo Basic: $59.00
MusicReader Solo Pro: $99.00

More information:

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