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Leoné MusicReader 2.0

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Leoné MusicReader MusicReader 2.0
News Leoné MusicReader MusicReader 2.0

Score writing software from Leoné MusicReader

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Leoné MusicReader launched version 2.0 of its flagship product MusicReader Solo.

Most of the improvements are based on comments from the MusicReader user community. We’re told that 75% of all user comments have been implemented in this release and others are planned for future releases. In order to thank all its users for their support the new version is completely free for existing customers.

One of the improvements is the enhanced support of the digitizer pen used on Tablet PCs and pen tablets. Musicians can now use the back of this special pen to erase their annotations resulting in a more natural interaction. Drawing on the sheet music is now pressure sensitive, making the annotations more fluent. There is now also (a better) support for the Tablet Input Panel (TIP), onscreen keyboard / drawing panel of Windows XP Tablet and Windows Vista.

The new release also contains major improvements on both speed and performance. The program and library startup time are approximately 50% faster and the menu loading about 75% . The application also has better memory management and solves all known stability problems.

The user interface of the new version has also been improved. The most noticeable changes are the new menu icons with more modern designs. Also the menu structure has been improved to be able to house more functionality, like the new menus for the tuner, metronome and music player.

The completely new functionalities of this version include printer support and a sound recorder; musicians can print the music with annotations and can record their own performance. As an alternative to the eraser it is now also possible to undo and redo changes in the annotations, something experienced PC users are used to in other applications.

SheetMusicSearch, a search engine for sheet music, was also launched today. This search engine contains sheet music from several websites and shops. It can find digital and printed music, both usable with MusicReader and as printed music. For more information about SheetMusicSearch see www.sheetmusicsearch.net .

Changes in MusicReader 2.0

1. Tablet (PC) Pen Support
1. Support for eraser side of pen
2. Support for pressure variation
3. More accurate drawing
2. Improved user interface
3. Library & Playlist
1. MusicReader asks to copy sample file when library is empty.
2. PlayList order can now be changed by dragging the pieces
3. Better tooltip support in Library
4. Possible to remove piece from library with right mouse button
5. Bug in playlist in half page view solved
6. Bug in library searching solved – caused error “Could not connect to the Library, Please restart or consult manual”
7. Possible to clear the search fields
8. Search fields are now always empty when the library is opened
9. Files in subdirectories of the library location will now also show up in the library.
10. Stability problem when using playlist
4. Performance
1. 50% faster program startup
2. 50% faster library startup
3. 75% faster menu reload
4. Better memory usage
5. Annotations
1. Undo/Redo function added
6. MusicConvert
1. Image preview in import Dialog
2. Import complete directory of images in MusicConvert
3. Recording calibration gives more informative error messages.
4. After importing an image this images will be displayed
5. Piece information changes are now visible in the library immediately
7. New Functions
1. Print sheet music to paper in MusicReader – including annotations
2. Possible to rotate screen after MusicReader started.
3. Choose page turn inside MusicReader (Navigation mode)
4. Record you own performance with integrated sound recorder.
5. Start MusicConvert from MusicReader to edit loaded file
6. If the window close button is pressed and there is a dialog open, then this dialog will be closed and not the whole application.
7. Small bugs in embedded recordings solved
8. Application digitally signed – less Windows security notices
9. Other improvements
1. Tablet Input Panel (TIP) now also available in open/save dialogs.
2. Improved menus for tuner, metronome and music player
3. Possible to install Ghostscript and IRotate with installation program
4. Some problems with corrupt files solved – library connection problems
5. Keyboard shortcuts in MusicReader and MusicConvert
6. No longer possible to write in the margins of the page.
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