Grp Synthesizer R24

R24, Sequencer from Grp Synthesizer.

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You can pre-order the Grp R24

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Grp Synthesizer is now accepting pre-orders for its R24 analog and MIDI sequencer module.

The Grp R24 had been unveiled back in November, 2013, but we had to wait more than a year for the manufacturer to finalize the project and launch production.

The Grp R24 is a rackable analog sequencer that combines CV/Gate, MIDI and USB connections and allows for creating 8x2, 16+8 or 24-step sequences, with the user being in charge of the step lengths. It will also be possible to control MIDI note select and velocity and CV values can be programmed in real time for each step.

Main features:

  • Based on the same sequencer engine as the A8 and A4
  • 8x3, 16+8 or 24-step sequence modes
  • Ratchet/Bounce mode for rhythm repeat 
  • Normal, Skip or End Step modes
  • Ability to adjust for each row: time glide, CV range, sample & hold value, quantization, repeat, playback order, clock division and more
  • Dedicated analog connections for Gate Out 1 and 2, CV Out and CV Control for each row with different settings
  • 4-digit display
  • Support for internal, external analog TTL and MIDI clocks
  • Various playback modes, including random
  • Various sequence modes
  • Front panel connections: Remote Run/Stop, Remote loop On/Off, Remote Reset, Remote Glide On/Off, Internal and external analog TTL clock outs, Remote CV Control In, MIDI In and Out, USB (for sequence backup, note on/off, velocity and clock send)
  • 128 internal memories
  • Internal power supply for standalone use, also compatible with Moon, Cotk or modular systems.

The Grp R24 retails for 1,277 € + VAT where applicable, Grp Synthesizer requests a 500 € deposit when pre-ordering (via transfer only). Production will start when 50 units are ordered, with about 15-20 units manufactured each month. Visit for full details.

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