M.F.B. Urzwerg
M.F.B. Urzwerg
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Deathkillaz 10/04/2010

M.F.B. Urzwerg : Deathkillaz's user review

«  Excellent value for money »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Midi sequencer with midi and CV in (for octave transposition), midi out and midi through (which lacks Kraftzwerg example!), 4 and 4 out gate CV out.
The device can sync, with an external source or by resume by noon.
It has 4 tracks with 8, can be chained by 2.
The duration of the gate is réblable independently for rows 1-2 and 2-3. However, the duration of the gates can not be resolved differently for each step.
Steps can be skipped with keeping score or not.
There are also different play modes (normal, reverse, round trip) for each independent track. In addition, two shuffle modes are available.
Finally, it is possible to quantize the values of CV.


The setting of the sequencer could not be easier because each function has to control. Everything is set in real time.

The manual is, like other products MFB, very minimalist: a double-sided A4 sheet without any illustration. However, users affected by this kind of product should be satisfied largely because the useful info there. I noticed still some small errors in the position of mini-switches in the manner, but we found it quickly.

I also stated that some Patchcable are supplied with the unit (6 in all I think it).




I own the Urzwerg for nearly a week, I have not used extensively because of time but it is a well thought out product at very attractive price. The workmanship is typical of MFB, there is nothing wrong with that budget!
I use it to control a Kraftzwerg, and other future modules as well. I regret the inability to adjust the length of each gate independently
I hesitated between Urzwerg and 16QAM / 3 from Doepfer. The MFB has enporté yet because of its particularly attractive price.