Yamaha QX5
Yamaha QX5

QX5, Sequencer from Yamaha.

marzacdev 09/22/2009

Yamaha QX5 : marzacdev's user review


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What connection (audio, MIDI ...)?
Full MIDI implementation (In, Out, Through)
A footswitch jack (Record on / off)
An audio tape (backups and sync)
Metronome audio output
What are the characteristics of the sequencer?
8-track sequencer, 32 macros
20,000 notes without any other info (velocity, aftertouch ...) with half.
Ability to save position / measure and note by note.
Macros may contain motifs (like rhythms and melodies)
insertable any time on a track (saves much space).
You can also edit the recorded measurements, extracting information, copy,
paste, erase, quantify ... And do the same with the tracks ...


The general configuration is simple?
Relatively simple to do things.
For the year, almost anything is possible, it must be organized on the other hand
(Note the track content and macros, the channels used ...) and
regularly make backup copies.
The usual functions are they easily accessible?
Yes, the display on the LCD is very well done, the buttons properly
appointed, we found it easily.
The manual is clear and sufficient?
Unfortunately no, I struggled to figure out how to max
create new events, create macros ...


For how long have you been using it?
A week and a few ...
Did you try many other models before getting this one?
No, I came across and as I had seen good ratings
in the forums and I trust the Yamaha hardware, I took it!
What is your opinion about the value for the price?
Extra! € 19 from € + 5 Duros Rennes lithium battery that I preferred to change
where, although the former showed no further signs of weakness.
What thing do you like most/least about it?
An idea -> here it is registered! This is super responsive camera.
You miss the time, not one serious press again and record it again.
No need to turn on the PC, configure a soft audio routing expanders
and company ... Furthermore, the machine backup really is off the camera
and data are kept warm. For backups, no need to magneto
just plug the jacks pat on its sound card, record audio quality rotten
and voila! The box is indestructible, the internal electronics very reliable ...