Az By Wsl Guitars SG 3 micro
Az By Wsl Guitars SG 3 micro

SG 3 micro, SG-Shaped Guitar from Az By Wsl Guitars.

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Des notes et du bruit 12/01/2010

Az By Wsl Guitars SG 3 micro : Des notes et du bruit's user review

" A guitar with good finishes"

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Value For Money : Excellent
3 pickups az home, I think the change because they lack specifics, 3 volumes, 1 tone knob, 3-position selector. I think the neck is glued, the guitar is manufactured in Asia but of French design.



nothing to say on this point but I am not a specialist, it suits me very well for that I use just a little heavy for my taste but most models SG are typed (for me, I say).


Versatile enough, thanks to the three microphones, but as I said earlier they are changing.
She is doing pretty well for clean sounds and tones typed Blues, but distortion is quite "runny".
I use Guitar Rig 4


For a few weeks I have, I had a small Lag, an Ibanez, a PLO Axis (guitars that start mid-range) I wanted to take me a cheap guitar with good finishes and evolve over time (and budget), it fully meets these conditions and I think AZ is doing very well for us to deliver copies of small to large model fare but very good (beware it comes to low prices again).