Gibson 1961 Les Paul Tribute SG
Gibson 1961 Les Paul Tribute SG

1961 Les Paul Tribute SG, SG-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the SG series.

Public price: $2,795 VAT
Chris-Rock 12/23/2013

Gibson 1961 Les Paul Tribute SG : Chris-Rock's user review

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SG guitar type manufactured by Gibson USA.
Broadly, what characterizes: A very indented corp (at least more than my SG "Classic"), a handle end, microphones Classic 57 ALNICO 2 (replica of the famous PAF that equipped the SG 1961) a beautiful translucent shade "Heritage Cherry" leaving out the wood grain beautifully ... And ESPECIALLY: A SIDEWAYS vibrato revised and corrected to finally hold the tuning and allow gentle action, precise and progressive ...


The handle has a "slim" profile identical to the SG 61. The key, in one piece, is solid rosewood "Grade A", it is surrounded by a beautiful cream-colored binding, which adds to the effect "vintage" guitar ... The handling is easy and pleasant and appearance of the handle and the key contribution to the side "noble" of the instrument.
By buying this instrument, I asked myself especially questions about vibrato SIDEWAYS: The model 1961 has a very bad reputation, he was known to systematically tune the guitar ... as to be permanently removed from the market after 2 years! Our model "Les Paul Tribute LTD", that vibrato was revisited in order to function correctly. After several trials, taking care to place the graphite nut, I confirm: It seems vibrato actually keep well agreement! Another notable feature of SIDEWAYS: It acts on the lever upwards, vertically, then usually, on the other vibrato motion is horizontal.
The SIDEWAYS also helps balance the SG: It has less tendency to "nosedive" The weight of the guitar is very rsonnable (about 3.3kg).. And finally, this beautiful chrome piéce gives it a beautiful look 50 ... close to the original 1961 model ... Certrains purists regret replacing the ABR-1 bridge from the original version by the Nashville or absence of double rings the mechanical key. These details will not ultimately change the aesthetics of the guitar and, above all, do no affect the sound reproduction of the instrument!


Meanwhile, when you know the "Classic 57" Gibson, one is not surprised there was a REAL famous PAF who makes the reputation of Gibson since decades.
Nothing to say: This is the legendary Gibson equipped with humbuckers. It's beautiful!


I already have Gibson (SG Classic equipped with a P-90 and a Traditionnal LP also features the Classic 57), they are very good guitars ... But I am amazed: Finish Model 61 SG Les Paul Tribute LTD is impeccable. For a reasonable price (a little over 1400 Euros from our friends Cologne) you have an instrument Very upscale, Very very well done. In addition, I had the chance of getting a guitar with a body machined in a beautiful mahogany one piece with a beautiful veining piece ...
To summarize: Zero defects, look fabulous, a époustoufflant sound, original and functional vibrato ... An exceptional instrument for obordable price: Run the purchase, there will not be for everyone This is a limited edition!