Gibson SG Gothic
Gibson SG Gothic

SG Gothic, SG-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the SG series.

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MGR/Andy 01/17/2003

Gibson SG Gothic : MGR/Andy's user review

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Bought January 2003 for £475.00 (Pre-Owned)

The guitar is so well made it almost plays itself! The sound quality is fabulous and the build quality very good (in most areas). The guitar can produce a whole spetrum of different tones and just goes absolutely crazy with a large valve stack. It seems an altogether excellent guitar and I would recommend this model to anyone looking for warp factor 9.

The finish; Oh dear. Matt black looks fantastic on anything, especially this guitar, but the lacquer that has been used is completely inadequate. The slightest knock or bump results in a white "bruise". More to the point, the problem is greatest at the base of the machine heads, where the pressure of actually tightening them in during manufacture has caused bruising around each machine head. Not good enough from the world's finest electric guitar manufacturer.

Construction is second to none - no apparent problems. I've owned many guitars and this one has as much quality as any I've ever played, (more in some cases). A proper case would have been nice, rather than the, albeit high quality, gig bag it came with.

I'm a Gibson freak, so I'm (slightly) biased, but I don't regret my purchase at all. I love the little beast. I'm so impressed that I'm on the look out for agothic Les Paul and explorer to complete the new family. Go and buy one now!

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