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mc_nip 12/17/2006

Gibson Tony Iommi SG : mc_nip's user review


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Made in the states of the prconisations Tony Iommi signature o! to know everything!

2001 2003 MODEL product and stopped in 2003: Production limits and guitar trs rare!

- Black finish and black pickguard
- Chrome finish mcaniques grover, stop bar, Tailpiece
- Buttons vintage top hat black and silver top
- Tui Tony Iommi Iommi with the cross of
- Marking key cross Iommi
- Rounded handle (my prfr)

2 Tony Iommi signature humbuckers
pure 70's Hard's really black sabbath!


Channel gnial for those who like large rounded neck gibson
c to flatten the top of the IWHM killer!

ngatif one point, she slumps. unless you find a device ingnieu,
we must sustain the handle for that one plays.
Dconcertant dpart but you get the trs is fast as all the SG with a handle
rounded or 50's with grover

Ds but that the branch is that of happiness, we forget the default
With a crunch, it was pure rock Blues
With the super crunch, it was the true Sabbath!
With its mga was pure Iommi (Listen to these albums, c super good hard mtal)


My style is trs Blues / Rock 70's: Perfect
but it must refine its well trs rglage amp

To send the potato: c RAS good as powerful as the dirty finger at Gibson

In his words, it takes vriament know what you want to send as fatty
(An alliance mdiums trs INTERESTED bass, great for ska)

My rating 8 / 10 to request that this rglage scratch for maximum sound reproduction, this is due to the high level of output of these microphones.
Otherwise, you have to play without the rglages mtal


I IT CAN BE USED for 2 years

Qd I leave the guitar, the audience only see the guitar, I no longer exist

Come and I am a killer IWHM bte! they are deaf mutes set!