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Be_rock 07/22/2005

Stagg G300 : Be_rock's user review


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- Electric guitar rock "g"
- Pickups: 2x humbucker
- Rglages: 2x volume + 2x tonalitbr /> - slecteur micros: 3 positions
- Top: flat top
- Body: solid mahogany
- Neck: mahogany / 628 mm / collbr /> - fingerboard: rosewood / 22 frets
- Bridge: tune-o-matic
- Mcaniques: type "Cluson" black
- Color: black gothic.


- First, the handle looks good to me tros "rude" because the hand does not flow smoothly, I'm surprised sometimes that hung mahogany body when I sweat a little rag highly recommended!
- SG-68 form gives it a look and so very easy access to the acute positive.
- The weight is IDAL my friends are surprised each time their lgrete, we believe almost a travel guitar!, The problem comes from the rel handle and its grossiret I think that I EXAGRES certe big hands but it has limits, nothing beats a little faster run!
- I t surprised to see the other 2 more than favorable comments ... For my part I do jou that if I exclude distortion in the treble surment the two humbuckers are not the best quality (for 220 it makes sense to me) also I have a problem of mass more than 'esagrable, and despite a RVision complte the system, it can not dbarrasser ... enjoy
-> Disto niquel -> avoid a clean! one would think dsacorde when in fact the tuning is okay, horrible, I return quickly to my folk (even though I was playing the Guns And Roses)


- In a world that knows that metal sound okay, okay hard, heavy okay (my MT-2 and my 30 marshall swallow everything and fortunately!)
- The sound is qualifiable Quine, and yes my guitar teacher with 20 years of scratching and 2 groups was surprised t the poor
- I love the distortion, because the only thing good in intensive effects


- I've had 10 months and in a few weeks I swapped against a Jackson
- Loves the cot Sg-68 Affordable, and only this!
- Report qualitprix about right but I have no doubt that the concurrency offers better, my logo "Stagg" is not even centered on the head of the handle ... to 2 cm ... so imagine the rest. (Lol)
- I do not do it again under any circumstances by choice if I had put in 220 as a scratch because it is not CHRE (220 is the price I pay)

IDAL for the first month, not last, if not with suicide (fawn to speak)