Tokai SG 43
Tokai SG 43

SG 43, SG-Shaped Guitar from Tokai.

Pucelle_Dabidjan 09/08/2006

Tokai SG 43 : Pucelle_Dabidjan's user review


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The SG 43 is exclusively built in nato (a driv Asian mahogany)
Channel collbr /> Rosewood Frets
CONTRL 2 tone, 2 volume, one slecteur 3 positions
2 humbucker pickups Gotoh mk4
T finish its quality and for many recalls that of a standard SG
The Electronic she recalls a Corenne ncessitera a standard upgrade to enjoy the overall sound of this instrument
Price about Eur. 400.00 nine (Eur. 200.00 in the Japanese trade)

In short: but it was not making good in any case

I put [6] because the woods are not vintage, nor famous (note I am demanding in my tests) and mcaniques trs are not good quality.


The handle is comfortable, slightly wider than a 60's neck but not to the point of being an 50's. It is quite round and fits comfortably in your hand. Good intonation of notes. Well finished frets.
Ergonomics is the same as MODEL gnrale be copied trs good. CHAC is the acute ais.
It is easy to find good sound, it will be more complicated, however, to find the sound DSIR as the sound palette is broad.

I put [4] because there is no split and are mcaniques imprcises.


Dj empty, there is the sensation of SG. Rsons the guitar well and are frquences plutt imbalances. It's a good sign.
I plug ...
This guitar offers sound varies, tantt modern raucous, brilliant pop tantt according rglage. The mtal hard and are just as practical as funk and ballads sugary backdrop of piano. The neck pickup is surprising ... trs warm the guy.

In fact it's simple! If we take the time to the rgler and play with slecteurs. It is almost impossible not to find a usable sound for what you want to play.

But beware, the sound signature Gibson appear different. We must be conscious.

[8] Drout sound quality if you compare its price! May be that does not REFERENCE of the moment, but boasts a great versatility and precision in an above average. If I measure it with a big guitar (warior, Mayon, gretsch) The note [3].



Tokai has trouble playing in fte entry level. Trs good finish for this price, ease of playing and all the benefits Submitted inconvnients and that forged the myth Tokai are Submitted. The report qualitprix / performance should eventually persuade indcis.

[8] For trs recommended!

PS I took the liberty to change this test to lgrement September 8, 2006 to make it more enjoyable to read and explain better the overall instrument. Thank you for your comprhension.

Note [5] is the average home